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Biography - A Little About Myself


M.S. in Herbal Medicine: May, 2011: Tai Sophia Institute, Laurel, MD. A 30 month program including course work in physiology, pathophysiology, phytochemistry, plant pharmacology, materia medica, herb and supplement safety and efficacy, herbal preparations, history of herbalism, botany, business management, nourishment, clinical assessment and skills along with clinical training hours. Researched and wrote a 100-page Monograph on Ceanothus spp.

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine: May to November, 2004, Ithaca, NY. Intensive introduction to botany, human physiology, interviewing and assessment techniques, medicine preparation, herbal first aid, and working with both acute and chronic health problems.

B.A. in Biology: Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. Graduated with High Honors, May 1998. Overall GPA: 3.50. Took a wide range of courses including nearly half my credits in biology, 2 years of chemistry, calculus and statistics for the life sciences, as well as courses in the humanities. Proposed, designed, and conducted my own research project on leaf-cutter ants.

Foundation Certificate in Other-Centred Psychotherapy: Oct, 2011. Completed my foundation certificate in Other-Centered therapy, an approach to counselling and psychotherapy developed by David and Caroline Brazier and founded on the principles of Buddhist Psychology and taught by the Tariki Trust. Includes academic and experiential learning and practice of skills in counselling and psychotherapy.


Thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. March - Nov, 1999.
Peace Corps Volunteer - Guinea, West Africa. 2000-2002.
Healing Touch (Level One). 2003.
Reiki (Levels One and Two).
Sensory Awareness Training. Nov, 2012.
NESS - North East Sensory Services - Volunteer Induction Training. Dec, 2012.
Adult Protection Training. Jan, 2013.
CLAN - Cancer Link Aberdeen and North - COSCA certified Support volunteer training. May, 2013.
In progress:
Diploma in Other-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Core Integral: Essential Integral (2012) and Advanced Integral (2013)

Biography - A Little About Myself

With a French mother and an American father I grew up straddling two languages and cultures, and several continents. My child-hood was split between the United-States, Ivory Coast and France giving me a broad perspective and a natural comfort with other cultures. I grew up fascinated with science, biology, sailing, hiking, writing and music. I pursued my passion for biology at Oberlin College where I became fascinated with ants and their social system and conducted original research on leaf-cutter ants. After college I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (about 2172 miles along the East coast of the U.S. from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt Katahdyn, Maine). At this time I encountered Zen for the first time and began a consistent practice of meditation. My interest in spirituality has lead me to many fascinating discoveries gleaned from the wisdom of many of the worlds spiritual traditions. After my 6 month ramble I joined Peace Corps where I served as an Environmental Education and Agroforestry volunteer for two years. I spent a couple years devoted to the study of the Pipa - a Chinese lute, during which time I spent nearly a year teaching English in Korea. Upon my return to the United States I embarked upon my journey into the realm of Herbal Medicine. First studying with 7song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and later deepening my knowledge at Tai Sophia. I’m now married to my wonderful wife and have two children rumbling about who are developing a taste for even the most flavorful (and bittersome) of herbal preparations, and learning to identify plants by their latin names.